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For the leaders of any church in the surrounding area, managing the audio visual systems throughout the building can be quite the challenge. Most churches don’t have a huge budget to deal with such issues, yet they need to make sure the a/v quality is up to par in order for congregation members to get an enjoyable Sunday morning experience. When the quality of the audio visual components suffers, the church service as a whole will as well. Everyone in attendance needs to be able to hear the message and clearly see any visual aids that are being used for sermons or songs. Call TechRowe Solutions today, if your church needs an update or upgrade to the latest audio visual system.

Not all a/v companies are experienced in working with churches:

However, TechRowe Solutions has worked with many in the surrounding area. We look forward to working with you as well. We understand the specific and unique needs of churches and we are happy to work hand in hand with your leadership team in order to design and implement a plan that your members will be impressed with. From basic a/v mixers to more complex video solutions, TechRowe Solutions can do it all.

Intercom systems are another common element to a/v systems within a church that we can help you with. For churches that have a very large building, or house a school on the premises, an intercom system is both a convenience and security measure. Being able to send out a message throughout the building with just the push of a button is a great way to evacuate the property in case of an emergency, or simply to make an announcement that needs to be heard by everyone. TechRowe Solutions can create an integrated intercom system that will be easy to operate and reliable for years to come.

Projector screens in front of the congregation are growing in popularity so Pastors are able to add a visual component to their sermons. Our team will design a projector and screen installation that fits in seamlessly with the rest of the space and is easily seen by all in attendance.

Our experienced team is comfortable working in the church setting, and we will make sure to design a plan that perfectly fits your needs. Give us a call today at (301) 292-8822