Types of Bad Clients That Escorts Meet

Types of Bad Clients That Escorts Meet

Escorts today have become independent, and many of them own their own website to book dates with their clients. There are several things that have changed between how the escort services function. It has become more professional, and the clients can receive only a limited service for the payments they make. Escorts’ safety is also considered a high priority, and they are free to leave the client at any point where they feel uncomfortable or unsafe with the client. Some clients can really create trouble for the escorts, which results in instant termination of the contract. Here are some types of bad clients that the escorts commonly meet.


A woman will always appreciate the effort put by a man to meet her. If the woman has to wait, she will already have a poor image of the man she is going to meet. The escorts are especially more serious about coming on time as they may have other appointments later, and they do not want to lose clients because of someone else getting late. Many bad clients leave the escorts waiting without alerting them, which is definitely not the way to get the attention of the escort.

The No-Shows

Worse are the no-showers who do not show up at all. These are mostly the clients who either are not sure to come or just want to waste an escort’s time. It is the rudest thing you can do to someone. The escorts do not have an idea of whether they should be expecting the client or not. It is just a waste of efforts for the escort to get ready and travel for nothing. Instead, they can book another client if they can know that the appointment is cancelled.


One of the worst nightmares for the escorts is to meet a client who is not in their right mind. They are bound to make their escorts uncomfortable in one way or the other. Many clients start demanding more during the date, which is not considered a smart move. Everything should be discussed before meeting the escort so she can tell whether she is comfortable in providing the required service or not.

Sympathy seekers

Some clients can be real creeps by behaving that they really need a company, but have other intentions in their head. They force the escorts to fulfil their demands with sweet talks and seek sympathy when being the escorts reject their requests. This can make it hard for an escort to indulge with such a person and spoils the mood for her.

Desperate ones

The ones who start adding too many demands and forget that an escort is also a person. These types of clients mostly make calls to the escorts at late night when they are not in their sense. Many times they are with their other drunk friends and make desperate requests of coming instantly. Although an escort might approve this, realising that there are multiple men in the room is a danger signal for them.

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